Friday, June 25, 2010

Breast Cancer : How to Check Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can occur at any age after achieving menarche (age at starting menstruation). If we don’t care then life can be create problem but we can cure it after deducting. This can be achieved by constantly examining the breast. Here are some steps and movies are given that how one lady check there breast and they can also help other partner for breast checkup.

· Step 1    He examination should be performed in front of a mirror and standing position
·  step 2      First of all, put both hands behind the head and hold tightly and observe the breast for any abnormal swelling or increase in pain.if yes,consult your doctor immediately
·  step 3      Biologically the breast is divided into 5 compartments. Now draw an imaginary line horizontally and vertically passing through the mid point of the nipple
·  step 4      This divides the breast into four compartments
·  step 5      Use pulp of fingers of each hand to palpate the opposite breast (this means use right hand to palpate left and vice versa
·  step 6      Now slowly palpate each quadrant separately and feel for any masses or pain
·  step 7      The fifth compartment is in the armpit(axilla) palpate it as well
·  step 8      Finally squeeze the areola and nipple for any discharge
·  step 9      If any mass felt or discharge seen, contact your doctor immediately


Here is a clip of movie which guide you for self breast checkup process.

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