Wednesday, October 6, 2010

15 Amazing Facts on Breast Milk

1.     Breast milk cannot be duplicated by artificial methods. You save money on breast feeding, how, explained below in great detail.

2.     Mother's milk has everything your baby needs.
3.     Breast milk is so good that the baby does not need anything else.
4.     It has all the vitamins, fats, and proteins needed by your baby in exact amount.
5.     Baby becomes healthier with mother’s milk and has more defenses against various    types of infant-related diseases.
6.     Breast milk prevents diarrhea in babies.
7.     Breast milk is the vaccine for all infectious diseases.
8.     Breast milk is well digested and the baby does not feel constipated.
9.     Breast milk can be preserved for a day or two in refrigerator. It does not get spoiled if preserved at the right temperature.
10. Mother’s milk creates a very strong bond of love between mother and baby, which protects the baby both physically and mentally.11. Mother's milk is always available and does not get over.
12. Mother’s milk not only gives satisfaction to the baby but also the mother.
13. At night, babies can be breastfed without your having to get up so it means you can continue resting and breastfeeding your baby at the same time.
14. The baby can be weaned off breast milk when the mother and baby are ready.
15.  Colostrum is the first milk produced from your breasts, which is a type of first natural vaccination for your baby. It is scientifically proven that babies who are fed with colustrum (yellow colored first milk) develop better self defenses against numerous infectious diseases.

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